Reminiscing the good old days – Lest we Forget

Nokia - So many fond memories
A History of Nokia days gone by

In scouring the web for time lines,  I had to include this gem sourced from NewLaunches, as a tribute to the glory days…

Back then – the jungle didn’t seem that complicated. There weren’t, for example, that many choices for mobile communication. You either bought a Nokia, or you looked foolish.

In retrospect however, perhaps we all looked foolish. It never was going to be THE phone you would ever need, and the 8810 was never going to be the last investment in telecommunications one would ever make.  So it became that ours was a generation of fascinating change – at the cost of great experimentation.  Were we fortunate enough to have lived through it all? In the greater scheme of things, and no doubt not too far into the distant future – we will look back to this period and realise how luxurious it was to be afforded so much material waste in order to fulfil the market for goods. Yet we couldn’t be faulted for wasting thought… Could we?  Least not we blame Nokia for the countless memories and sentiments attached to our beloved handsets. Was it worth it? Maybe this will help you make that reflection.


Art and Expression in the context of Time

A Perspective on Art History

This post marks what is hoped to be a series of timeline graphics on Art.

By no means is art a well understood subject, least not in the primitive jungle. Yet – each exposure to art seems to inspire much thought and emotion to most beings capable of emotion and inspiration – be it negative or positive.

In trying to investigate the subject via the web – preliminary Junglist observations include:

  1. Art is obviously in some way linked to the expression of Humankind’s thoughts and emotions;
  2. As with all things human, there are a number of different frameworks with which one would likely use to analyse and describe the historical context of art, and there also exist many variants which attempt to focus more specifically at a particular (significant) period of art and expression;
  3. The search thread “Art History Timeline” yields a great number of graphics relating to the evolution of amongst other things – mobile phones, and computer games;

The graphic above is sourced from a fantastic blog which DRAWS the ATTENTION!!! of students in Mrs. Castriagano’s art class – many thanks from your Junglist fans.